Think Tank Biddeford is located in the Pepperell Mill Campus at 40 Main Street, Biddeford.

Think Tank Coworking is Maine’s largest coworking network, with more than 230 members at three facilities throughout the state.  In addition to the Biddeford tank, which opened in November 2015, Think Tank has locations in downtown Portland and Yarmouth.

Think Tank Biddeford is located in the Pepperell Mill Campus, a revitalized textile mill that is now home to more than 100 business and dozens of condominiums in what has become the heart of the city’s resurgent growth.

Founder and Director, Patrick Roche, started Think Tank Coworking in November of 2010, boot-strapping the project with personal loans and a lot sweat equity.  Since then, his coworking model has continued to evolve to meet the needs of today‚Äôs highly mobile and untethered workforce.

Patrick’s partner, Marc Feldman, is the Chief Operating Officer and the man on site at Think Tank Biddeford.  Marc is a longtime member of the local business community and has had an interest in coworking for years, since using one while visiting his son at college.

There are two essential ingredients that make coworking at Think Tank a great experience for its members:

Ideation. The coworking philosophy of Think Tank centers on “ideation“, the concept that everyone gets better, faster when working together, sharing their ideas and talents in ways that reshape them and make them stronger than they were before.

Community. A strong community spirit of cooperation and mutual support, that reflects the people and places where they are located, is what makes coworking at Think Tank special.  Think Tank staff work very hard to make sure that community spirit is nurtured and that every member feels like they are a part of something that matters.

Think Tank continues to build on these guiding principles with the hope of developing an interconnected network of coworking facilities throughout New England and beyond.  Coworking is the future of community, startup ideation and the entrepreneurial spirit.